CFTF Films Catalogue A

Adventure in the Hopfields

59 mins (Revised)
A little girl accidentally breaks her mother's favourite ornament and goes hop-picking to replace it. This involves her in exciting adventures.
Produced by Vandyke Picture Corporation Ltd. Story by Nora Lavrin and Molly Thorp. Director John Guillermin. Producer Roger Proudlock.
With: Mandy Miller, Melvyn Hayes, Leon Garcia, Dandy Nichols, Wallas Eaton.


The Adventures of HAL 5

59 mins
A very old Austin 7 with great character is found by two children and bought by their uncle, the Vicar, but the garage proprietor conceals Hal's faulty transmission. This leads to surprising developments.
Produced by Bushey Film Studios Ltd. Original story by Henry Donald, Director Don Sharp. Producer Gilbert Church.
With: William Russell, John Glyn-Jones, Peter Godsell, Janina Fay.


The Adventures of Rex

70 mins (5 parts)
Series of five adventures about two children and their Alsatian.
Produced by Anglo-Scottish Pictures Ltd. Stories by Tom Twigge and Leonard Reeve. Produced and Directed by Leonard Reeve.
With: John Pike, Shirley Joy, Rex.
  • Part 1. Feathers Flying.
  • Part 2. Teddy Trouble.
  • Part 3. The Silver Streak.
  • Part 4. The Painted Trail.
  • Part 5. Good Show Rex.


Ali and the Camel

135 mins (8 episodes)
When Ali's father, a diver, has to go to hospital, Ali is offered money by a Professor involved in a jewel robbery. A camel, who talks only to Ali, persuades Ali to buy him and then helps him to discover where the jewels are hidden.
Produced by World Safari Ltd. Written, directed and produced by Henry Geddes.
With: Mohamed Rifai as Ali.
Rimini Festival 1967: Special award.
  • Episode 1. Talk of a Camel
  • Episode 2. Into the Desert.
  • Episode 3. Sand Storm.
  • Episode 4. The Man with Three Fingers.
  • Episode 5. The Bomb.
  • Episode 6. Danger Ahead.
  • Episode 7. The Frog Man.
  • Episode 8. The Camel takes a Hand.


All at Sea

60 mins Eastman Colour
The unexpected adventures of children on a school cruise to Portugal and North Africa.
Produced by Anvil Film & Recording Group Ltd. Written by Patricia Latham. Directed by Kenneth Fairbairn. Producer Hugh Stewart.
With: Gary Smith, Steven Mallett, Sara Nicholls, Stephen Childs, Lee Chamberlain, Ali Soussi.
Guest Stars: Joan Sterndale Bennett, Norman Bird, Peter Copley, Simon Lack.


Ambush at Devil's Gap

95 mins (6 episodes)
Whilst on a winter sports holiday in the Highlands, five children encounter an eccentric Professor, and find themselves involved in a web of industrial espionage.
Produced by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Story by Kerry and David Eastman. Director David Eastman. Producer John Durst.
With: Chris Barrington, Sue Sylvaine, Stephen Brown, Jacqueline Mitchell, Deane Gardiner.
  • Episode 1. Strangers in the Snow.
  • Episode 2. Secret of the Castle.
  • Episode 3. The Arrest.
  • Episode 4. Trapped.
  • Episode 5. No Escape.
  • Episode 6. Ambush.


Anoop and the Elephant

55 mins Eastman Colour
Nobody in their right mind would think of adopting an elephant. But what would you do if an elephant decided to adopt you?
Adapted from an original story by Stephen Jenkins. Made by Anvil Films and Recording Group Ltd. Produced by Hugh Stewart.
With: Rachel Brennock, Linda Robson, Anoop Singh, Philip Daniels, lan Allis, Nicky Sawyer, George Roderick, Julian Orchard, Jimmy Edwards and Rani, the baby elephant.



55 mins Eastman Colour
Young climbers try to scale alpine peak and are trapped by avalanche.
Made by Telstar (Specialised) Productions Ltd. From an original story and script by Wally Bosco. Produced by Harry Field. Directed by Frederic Goode.
With: Michael Portman, David Ronder, Ann Mannion, Bernadette Winship, David Dundas, Karl Spann, Norbert Gleirscher.