CFTF Films Catalogue C

Calamity the Cow

55 mins
The adventures of Calamity the cow, who is bought by a farmer for his children, stolen by rustlers, and eventually wins a prize for her part in ridding the area of a gang of cattle thieves.
Produced by Shepperton Studios Ltd. Story by David and Kerry Eastman. Director David Eastman. Producer lan Dalrymple.
With: John Moulder-Brown, Elizabeth Dear, Stephen Brown, Phillip Collins, Josephine Gillick.


The Camerons

56 mins Eastman Colour
Three children on holiday uncover plot to hi-jack secret jet aircraft.
Made by Roger Cherill Limited, based on the book "Camerons on the Train" by Jane Duncan. Script by Patricia Latham. Produced by Roger Cherrill. Directed by Freddie Wilson.
With: Lois Marshall, Joseph McKenna, Paul Kelly, Elissa Watssman, Joan Fitzpatrick, George McLennan, Willy Joss.


The Carringford School Mystery

134 mins (8 episodes)
The exciting adventures of five children who set out to vindicate a school friend wrongly accused of theft from the local museum.
Produced by British Films Ltd. Story by Anthony Wilson. Director William Hammond. Producer John Haggarty. Music Kenneth Jones.
With: Jenny Jones, Derek Freeman, Anthony Richmond, Richard James, Arthur Lovegrove.
  • Episode 1. Crisis in the Classroom.
  • Episode 2. Evening of Danger.
  • Episode 3. Gunplay.
  • Episode 4. Kidnapped.
  • Episode 5. Ordeal Under Water.
  • Episode 6. Danger Under Ground.
  • Episode 7. Peril at Sea.
  • Episode 8. The Fatal Slip.


The Cat Gang

50 mins
Three children stumble on the plans of some modern smugglers and have many adventures helping H.M. Customs to capture them.
Produced by Realist Film Unit Ltd. Story by G. Ewart Evans. Director Darrel Catling. Producer Arthur T. Viliesid.
With: Francesca Annis, John Pike, Jeremy Bulloch.


Caught in the Net

55 mins (Revised)
The work of Peter Ketley on Fisheries Research in Devon is being disorganised by a mysterious new method of salmon poaching. His young brother Bob, with the help of two children from London, eventually uncovers and catches the poachers.
Produced by Wallace Productions Ltd. Film script by Max Anderson. From an original story by Sutherland Ross. Director John Haggarty. Producer A. Frank Bundy. Assisted by A. V. Curtice. Music Edwin Rogers.
With: Jeremy Bulloch, Joanna Horlock, James Luck, Anthony Parker, Larry Burns, Bruce Wightman, Michael Collins, Lane Meddick, Armine Sandford, Ben Williams.


The Chiffy Kids

109 mins (1st series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
Six short comedies.
Made by Anvil Film & Recording Group Ltd. From stories by Patricia Latham. Wally Bosco, Leo Maguire, Glyn Jones and Mike Gorell Barnes. Scripts by Mike Gorell Barnes. Produced by Hugh Stewart. Directed by David Bracknell.
With: Luke Batchelor, Lesley Saunders, Philip Sadler, Wayne Kebell, Tracey Strand, Harry H. Corbett, Norman Bird, Judy Cornwall, Alfie Bass, Kenny Lynch, Irene Handl, Valerie Singleton, Eva Rueber-Staier, Sam Kydd etc.
  • Part 1. Pot Luck.
  • Part 2. Room To Let.
  • Part 3. Decorators Limited.
  • Part 4. Shove Tuesday.
  • Part 5. The Great Snail Race.
  • Part 6. Magpie Lays an Egg.


The Chiffy Kids

120 mins (2nd series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
A further collection of short comedies.
Made by Anvil Film & Recording Group Ltd. Stories by Patricia Latham, Mike Gorell Barnes, Sheila Hodgson, David Bracknell. Produced by Hugh Stewart. Directed by David Bracknell.
With: Luke Batchelor, Leslie Saunders, Philip Sadler, Wayne Kebell, Tracey Strand, Kenny Lynch, Jimmy Thompson, Eric Barker, Colin Jevons, Stacy Dorning, Suzanna Leigh, Isabella Lucas etc.
  • Part 1. Water Bikes.
  • Part 2. Magpie's Talking Duck.
  • Part 3. Slimderella.
  • Part 4. It Pays to Advertise.
  • Part 5. Jam Session.
  • Part 6. All in a Good Cause.



90 mins (1st series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
Chimpanzee proves to be a troublesome guest.
Made by Eyeline Films Limited. From stories by Patricia Latham, Frank Godwin and Harold Orton. Produced and Directed by Harold Orton.
With: Lynne Morgan, Dexter Fletcher, Philip da Costa, Godfrey James, Veronica Lang, George A. Cooper, William Mervyn, Norman Bird, Lucy Griffiths and Alice the chimp.
  • Part 1. Double Trouble.
  • Part 2. Wedding Bells.
  • Part 3. Baby-sitters.
  • Part 4. Monkey Tricks.
  • Part 5 On the tiles.
  • Part 6. The Big Kick.


Chimpmates (second series)

120 mins (2nd series) (7 parts) Eastman Colour
More adventures with Alice, the Chimpanzee.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. Stones by Patricia Latham. Frank Godwin and Harold Orton. Produced and directed by Harold Orton.
With: Lynne Morgan, Marcus Evans, Philip da Costa, Veronica Lang, Godfrey James, Roy Kinnear, Lucy Griffiths, Leslie Dwyer, Graham Stark etc. and Alice, the chimpanzee.
AIRBORNE Awarded RUBY SLIPPER at Los Angeles Film Festival 1977.
  • Alice Goes Pop.
  • Treasure Hunt.
  • Holiday Spirit.
  • Waxworks.
  • Airborne.
  • The Go-Karters.
  • Zoo Time.


Chimpmates (third series)

90 mins (3rd series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
Further adventures of Alice, the Chimpanzee.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. Stories by Patricia Latham, Frank Godwin and Harold Orton. Produced and Directed by Harold Orton.
With: Lynne Morgan, Marcus Evans, Lucy Griffiths, Philip da Costa etc.
  • Part 1. Tit for Tat.
  • Part 2. Gran's Moving Day.
  • Part 3. Alice at School.
  • Part 4. Alice at Sea.
  • Part 5. Chimp Champ.
  • Part 6. Alice goes Magic.


The Christmas Tree

57 mins
The adventures encountered by Gary, his brother and sister, when they try to get a Christmas tree for a hospital Christmas Eve party.
Produced by Augusta Productions Ltd. Story by Ed Harper. Script by Michael Barnes, James Clark. Director James Clark.
With: William Burleigh, Anthony Honour, Kate Nicholls.
Mention of Honour, La Plata, Argentine 1967.


Circus Friends

63 mins
The efforts of two circus children and their dog to retrieve the circus pony, given to a farmer in payment of a debt.
Produced by London Independent Producers Ltd. Story by Peter Rogers. Director Gerald Thomas. Producer Peter Rogers.
With: Alan Coleshill, Carole White, David Tilley, Pat Belcher, Meredith Edwards, Sam Kydd.


The Clue of the Missing Ape

58 mins
Adventure drama of a sea cadet and a little Gibraltarian girl who round up crooks trying to destroy the British Fleet in Gibraltar.
Produced by Gaumont-British Picture Corporation Ltd. Original story by Frank Wells and Donald Carter, Comdr. Hackforth-Jones. Director James Hill. Producer Frank Wells.
With: Roy Savage, Nati Banda, Patrick Boxill and George Cole.
Venice Film Festival 1954. Joint first prize for the best entertainment film for children.


The 'Copter Kids

57 mins Eastman Colour
Helicopter pilots help children to track down cattle rustlers.
Made by Pacesetter Productions Ltd. Original story and script by Patricia Latham. Produced and directed by Ronald Spencer.
With: Sophie Neville, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Paul Chambers, Kate Dorning, Derek Fowlds, Edward Burnham, Michael Balfour.


Countdown to Danger

63 mins Eastman Colour
The story of a race against time to rescue a boy trapped with a German time bomb.
Produced by Wallace Productions Ltd. Written and Directed by Peter Seabourne. Producer A. Frank Bundy.
With: David Macalister, Paul Martin, Angela Lee, Penny Spencer, Lane Meddick, Richard Coleman, Frank Williams.


Cry WoIf

58 mins Eastman Colour
A highly imaginative boy involves his friends in a series of false alarms, with the result that nobody will come to his aid when he is involved in a dangerous situation.
Produced by Damor Leaderfilm Ltd. Script by Derry Quinn. Directed by John Davis. Producer Michael Truman.
With:Anthony Kemp, Mary Burleigh, Martin Beaumont.
Guest Stars: Judy Cornwell, Maurice Kaufmann, lan Hendry, Adrienne Corrie, Wilfrid Brambell, Janet Munroe, Pat Coombes.


Cup Fever

63 mins
Barton United's hopes of winning the Manchester Junior Football League Cup receive a setback when their practice ground is taken over for use as a car park. Luckily, Manchester United help them with their training, and enable them to win the Cup - and a new pitch.
Produced by Century Film Productions Ltd. Written and directed by David Bracknell. Producer Roy Simpson.
With: Dennis Gilmore, Raymond Davies, Amanda Humby, Stephen Cox, Pip Rolls, Susan George, Olivia Hussey, Bernard Cribbins, David Lodge.
Venice Film Festival 1966. C.I.D.A.L.C. Award Silver Gondola, Golden Capricorn.