CFTF Films Catalogue D

Danger on Dartmoor

59 mins Eastman Colour
The adventures of children lost in fog on Dartmoor, who encounter a wild dog, an escaped convict, and other dangers.
Made by Eady-Barnes Productions Ltd. Story & script by Audrey Erskine Lindop & Dudley Leslie. Produced by Mike Gorell Barnes. Directed by David Eady.
With: Marcus Evans, Simon Henderson, Debby Salter, Barry Foster, Michael Goldie, Patricia Hayes, David Jackson, Sam Kydd, Jonathan Newth, Michael Ripper, Mitzi Rogers.


Danger Point

56 mins Eastman Colour
Three irresponsible teenagers borrow a yacht belonging to the local Sea Scouts and run out of fuel. They hoist the sail in an endeavour to stop the boat drifting on to the notoriously dangerous Bradda Head, but find themselves in even greater trouble in the shape of a sea-mine.
Made by Damor Productions Ltd. Produced and directed by John Davis. Original Screenplay by Patricia Latham.
With: Raymond Hoskins, Veronica Purnell, lan Gibson, John Hicks, John Poore, Bernard Lee, Sidney Tafler, Hattie Jacques.


Danny the Dragon

175 mins
Gavin, Jean and Peter meet Danny the Dragon, an unintentional visitor from outer space. Danny and the children encounter many adventures before Danny finally manages to return to his own planet.
Produced by Ansus Films Ltd. Story by Henry Geddes. Director Pennington Richards. Producer Frank Godwin.
With: Sally Thomsett, Jack Wild, Christopher Cooper, Peter Butterworth, Frank Thornton, Patrick Newell.
  • Episode 1 . The Invisible Space Bubble.
  • Episode 2. Stranger from Dragonara.
  • Episode 3. Dannicaforilithermidor.
  • Episode 4. The Tent with four legs.
  • Episode 5. Dragon Hunt.
  • Episode 6. Danny gets Jet-propelled.
  • Episode 7. The Runaway Bubble.
  • Episode 8. Potter in pursuit.
  • Episode 9. In search of zoomite.
  • Episode 10 DragonTrail.


Davey Jones' Locker

59 mins Eastman Colour
A group of children on holiday in Malta join an aqua-lung diving class. One of them discovers a wreck, and disobeying instructions decides to investigate on his own, with near serious consequences.
Produced by Associate British-Pathe Ltd. Written by Wally Bosco. Director Frederic Goode Producer Lionel Hoare. Executive Producer Harry Field.
With: Susan George, Michael Wennink, Stephen Craig, Vanessa Page, Anthony Bate.


The Dawn Killer

197 mins (8 episodes)
Sheepdog Glen, accused of sheep killing on the Romney Marshes, is cleared by the efforts of his two youthful owners in time for the Sheepdog Trials.
Produced by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Story by Monica Edwards. Director/Producer Donald Taylor. Screenplay Vivian Milroy. Music Jack Beaver.
With: Jeremy Bulloch, Sally Bulloch, Suzan Farmer.
  • Episode 1. The Killer Strikes.
  • Episode 2. Under Suspicion.
  • Episode 3. The Stolen Sheep.
  • Episode 4. The Killer Strikes Again.
  • Episode 5. A Hard Choice.
  • Episode 6. Tracking the Thief.
  • Episode 7. Race against Time.
  • Episode 8. The Champion Dog.


Daylight Robbery

57 mins
Three children are accidentally locked in a supermarket for the week-end - and find themselves involved with a gang of crooks who are using the basement to tunnel into the bank vaults next door.
Made by Viewfinder Films Ltd. Story by Frank Wells. Script by Derry Quinn. Produced by John Davis. Directed by Michael Truman.
With: Trudy Moors, Darryl Read, Janet Hannington, Kirk Martin
Guest artistes Patricia Burke, Zena Walker, Janet Munro, Ronald Fraser, Gordon Jackson, Norman Rossington, James Villiers.
Venice Festival 1965. Special award.


Dead End Creek

94 mins (6 episodes)
Jane witnesses a bullion robbery, but does not realise that one of the participants is an old friend whom she likes and trusts.
Produced by Anvil Films Ltd. Story by Alec Grieve. Director Pat Jackson. Producer Ralph N. May.
With: Len Jones, Sally Thomsett, Nicholas Bonham, John Welsh, Robin Chapman.
  • Episode 1. Highway Robbery.
  • Episode 2. Mystery at the Forge.
  • Episode 3. The Night Prowler.
  • Episode 4. The Mysterious Stranger.
  • Episode 6. All at Sea.
  • Episode 6. Catch as Catch Can.


Deep Waters

55 mins Eastman Colour
Young bird watchers, cut off by tide, become involved with a ruthless group of illegal immigrant smugglers.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. in association with John V. Lemont. Original story & script by John V. Lemont. Produced by John V. Lemont. Directed by David Eady.
With: Virginia Fiol, Luke Batchelor, Raymond Persoud, Paul Hillman, Jonathan Burn, Ken Farrington.


The Dog and the Diamonds

49 mins (Revised)
A group of children living in flats where pets are forbidden use a deserted house as a private zoo and by chance capture three jewel thieves.
Produced by London Independent Producers Ltd. Stony by Mary Cathcart Borer. Director Ralph Thomas. Producer Peter Rogers.
With: Kathleen Harrison, George Coulouris, Geoffrey Sumner and The Gang.
Venice Film Festival 1953. Awarded first prize for best long entertainment film for children 8-11.